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Houses Face Off in Namesake Competition

March 6, 2016 | Cameron Strittmatter

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One of the most exciting events in Student Life at The King’s College is the House Namesake Competition, where each House defends the image of its respective figurehead. This year’s edition took place on February 27th.

For the competition, each House fields a four-person storytelling team to recount its namesake’s life history, addressing what made him or her worthy to be a House Namesake. The majority of each House is required to attend and support its storytelling team, which must include at least one freshman.

The result is not just a speech and not quite a play. The criteria are strict; the competition, fierce; the creativity, impressive.

The teams were instructed to portray a historical fiction short story in the King’s English that answers the following question: What is a value the respective namesakes displayed that is worthy of emulation?

House spirit ran high as teams prepared to launch their respective storytelling attacks. What followed was a thrilling—sometimes somber, sometimes side-splitting—evening of stories.

After much judicial deliberation, the House of Barton was announced the winner, while the Houses of ten Boom and Bonhoeffer earned second and third place, respectively.