King’s 2019-20 Student Cabinet Announced

The King’s College is pleased to announce the King’s student cabinet for the 2019-20 school year.

Student Cabinet 2019-20
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Photo above from left to right: Isaac Coston (PPE ’20), Marisol Santana (FIN ’21), Koby Jackson (HUM ’20), Ava Grossman (HUM ’20), Madelynn Kaufmann (RTS ’21), Rebekah Lambdin (HUM ’20).

The King’s College is pleased to announce the King’s student cabinet for the 2019-20 school year.

Elected in March, Koby Jackson (HUM ’20) will lead the cabinet as the student body president. He is originally from Mobile, Ala., and was involved in student organizations throughout campus before his election as student body president. Besides being an active member of the House of Sir Winston Churchill, he was on the executive team for Refuge, a student worship group, and helped coordinate a volunteer tutoring program for New York City students in need.

Koby says his vision for the student body is “that we arouse a spirit of responsibility that encourages students to genuinely care for themselves and others.” He appointed five members to his student cabinet to help him achieve this vision and assist with different areas of leadership, such as student event planning and House and student organization finance management. Starting in August, the cabinet will meet weekly to discuss issues relevant to the student body, organizing the annual Fall Retreat, and other duties according to their individual roles.

Ava Grossman (HUM ’20) will serve on the cabinet as director of communications. She is originally from Orange City, Iowa, and in her time at King’s has been involved with the Publius Society, Refuge, and the House of Clara Barton. She also plays the violin at her New York City home church, Messiah’s Reformed Fellowship.

Ava says, “As a member of the cabinet, I hope to serve the friends and peers who have stretched and shaped my life in innumerable ways. It is a privilege to be on a team that is committed to developing intentional relationships and community at King’s.”

Madelynn Kaufmann (RTS ’21) is from Naples, Fla., and will serve as director of student organizations. Before her appointment to the cabinet, Madelynn served as president of The King’s College Mock Trial team, Interregnum associate for the House of Susan B. Anthony, and director of communications for Cure TKC. She attends Central Presbyterian Church and works on campus on the Student Services team.

Madelynn says, “I am hopeful that our student organizations, Houses, athletics, and spiritual life will only become stronger as our student body grows, and I am excited to witness this growth as a member of the cabinet next year.”

Isaac Coston (PPE ’20) will serve as director of spiritual life. Originally from San Francisco, Isaac was the House of Sir Winston Churchill’s chamberlain before joining the cabinet. He is involved at Redeemer Presbyterian Church’s Lincoln Square campus.

Isaac says he is excited in his role to “promote devotion to our God” since he believes that “the spiritual life of our school is an integral part of King’s.”

Rebekah Lambdin (HUM ’20) is originally from Stockton, Calif. She joins the student cabinet as director of student events. Besides serving on the student cabinet, she will be captain of the King’s women’s soccer team next year. A member of the House of Sojourner Truth and attendee of Emmanuel Anglican Church, Rebekah also works on campus as the conferences and events associate.

Rebekah says, “I’m looking forward to creating and putting on events that will excite the student body while providing opportunities for some amazing memories and for friendships to form and grow!”

Marisol Santana (FIN ’21) is from Altadena, Calif., and joins the student cabinet as director of finance. In her time at King’s, she has been a member of the Finance Club and worked as an accounting intern at charity: water. She was the finance associate for the House of Queen Elizabeth I this year and attends Life Center Church in the Financial District.

Marisol says, “I want to use my passion for finance and accounting to help facilitate activities at King’s that will bolster our sense of fellowship next year.”

Please join us in praying for these student leaders as they prepare to lead the student body in the 2019-20 school year. Congratulations to each of them!

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