King’s Alumnus to Join Boston Law Firm

Jacqueline Smith, who graduated in 2010 with a degree in Politics, Philosophy, & Economics (PPE) and received her JD from Boston University Law School this year, is now taking a job at an international law firm in Boston, MA.

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With its emphasis on developing skills in critical thinking, research writing, and persuasion, the King’s education is uniquely suited to preparing individuals interested in a career in law. Jacqueline Smith, who graduated in 2010 with a degree in Politics, Philosophy, & Economics (PPE) and received her JD from Boston University Law School this year, is now taking a job at an international law firm in Boston, MA.

The Office of Career Development at King’s recently interviewed Smith about her unique experience at The King’s College, the White House, and Boston College. She also discusses how her education at King’s prepared her to succeed in a competitive field.




Home State: Southington, CT

Current Residence: Boston, MA

Current Employer: Boston office of an international law firm

Future or current employer/position: In the fall, I will join the Boston office of an international law firm as a full-time corporate law associate, having previously worked as a full-time summer associate in the summer of 2012.

Brief description of your responsibilities: As a summer associate, I performed extensive legal research and writing in support of litigation and corporate attorneys, including drafting memoranda, board resolutions, and sections of appellate briefs. When I return to the firm in the fall, I will be working as a corporate associate and focusing on a variety of corporate law areas, including mergers and acquisitions, equity investments, and general corporate matters.

Relevant past employer/position: During my time at King’s, I worked as a White House Intern in the Office of the First Lady.

Brief description of your responsibilities: As an intern, I assisted both the First Lady’s Chief of Staff Office and Scheduling/Advance Office. I drafted official correspondence for the Chief of Staff, assisted in preparations for the First Lady’s foreign and domestic trips, and interacted with members of the public on the First Lady’s behalf. From sitting in the Presidential Box at performances at the Kennedy Center, to attending a lecture by Chief Justice John Roberts, my experiences were simultaneously inspiring and humbling as I learned from some of the most advanced and intelligent thinkers of our time. After the completion of my internship, I also served on various advance teams to prepare for and coordinate the First Lady’s trips around the country. (See photo of Jacqui with the First Lady Laura Bush and her sister at the recent dedication of the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum.)

Where did you go to graduate school?: Boston University School of Law

Degree: Juris Doctorate (JD)

Completion Date: May 19, 2013

Accolades/Honors: I graduated cum laude from Boston University School of Law in May 2013. During my time in law school, I served as an editor for the Boston University Law Review and worked as a student product advocate for Bloomberg Law.

How did King’s education help and prepare you to succeed?

I am grateful for my years at King’s and for the excellent education that I received. I appreciate the dedication of my professors and the commitment of the leaders to providing me with academics and opportunities that I would not have found at any other college. In the fall of my sophomore year at King’s, Career Services alerted me to an internship opportunity at the White House. With the invaluable assistance of the Director of Career Services, I polished my résumé and completed the application. Just a few short months later, in the Spring of 2008, I was interning in the East Wing of the White House in the Office of the First Lady. Not only did my connections at King’s allow me to be accepted into the White House internship program, but my King’s education also allowed me to succeed once the internship began. With the emphasis that King’s places on honing both written and verbal communication skills, as well as discussing the “big ideas” of our time, I was more than prepared to represent the First Lady with excellence.

In addition, my education at King’s served to both reinforce my desire and prepare me for the next step in my education. For as long as I can remember, I have enjoyed history and have planned a career in law. Thanks to my education at King’s, I was well-prepared to take the LSAT examination, required for entrance into law school. In addition, having a solid foundation of mentors, both at King’s and in the government, provided an invaluable support system for evaluating, choosing, and applying to law school programs.

In the Spring of 2010, I accepted a position in the class of 2013 at the Boston University School of Law, and I graduated from there this month. While law school was a challenge, King’s definitely prepared me to meet those challenges. Thanks to the academic environment and the approach of the professors at King’s, I have a solid background in writing, research, and analytical thought processes that has served me well throughout my law school education and that I am confident will prove invaluable as I begin my legal career.

What recommendations do you have for current King’s students? 

On a personal level, I recommend enjoying and investing in the incredible community at King’s. There is nothing quite like it out in the working world, and the relationships you build today with your faculty, staff, and classmates will be your most valuable assets in the years to come. On a professional level, I recommend taking advantage of the boundless potential New York City has to offer. Whether it’s unique networking events or once-in-a-lifetime internships, New York has professional opportunities for everyone. These opportunities are not only wonderful experiences, but are also helpful in distinguishing yourself from other candidates when you apply for future employment positions.

Favorite BooksPersuasion, The Scarlet Pimpernel, The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society, The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Business Law.

Favorite Music: I have to say that my favorite music is Christmas music (I celebrate year-round!), but I also love listening to a little bit of everything else, including Matthew West, Travis Cottrell, Josh Turner, and Il Divo.

Surprising fact: I have played the violin since I was in third grade.

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