King’s Announces New Scholarship for TeenPact Students

The King’s College is pleased to announce a new annual $1500 scholarship for incoming students who’ve attended TeenPact’s Four Day State Class.

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The King’s College is pleased to announce a new annual $1500 scholarship for incoming students who’ve attended TeenPact’s Four Day State Class.

TeenPact’s mission is to “inspire youth in their relationship with Christ and train them to understand the political process, value their liberty, defend the Christian faith, and engage the culture around them.” Programming includes day-long and four-day classes to teach young people to understand state government and to be servant leaders in their own communities.

Likewise, The King’s College seeks to prepare students for Christian leadership in society’s institutions. Every King’s student completes a core curriculum in Politics, Philosophy, and Economics.

Assistant Vice President of Admissions Noah Hunter says, “For many years we’ve enjoyed having TeenPact alumni enroll at The King’s College and contribute to our classrooms and campus life. I see great missional alignment between TeenPact’s civics programs, Christian formation, and leadership training and the approach to education you find at King’s. This new scholarship for alumni of TeenPact underscores that alignment.”

King’s alumna Rachel Bass (PPE ’20) says that it was at TeenPact’s national convention that she first seriously considered attending The King’s College. She says that enrolling at King’s allowed her to deepen her pursuit of interests she first developed at TeenPact:

Before attending my first four-day class, I knew very little about the political process and citizen involvement in government. TeenPact sparked my interest in political science, and the hands-on curriculum led me to pursue a college degree where I could integrate my classroom learning with real world experience. TeenPact’s curriculum lays the foundation for an understanding of public life that a King’s education strengthens and grows.

Bass points to the College’s Socratic-style classes as key to helping her “wrestle with the disciplines that affect human flourishing.” She adds, “At TeenPact, I learned that young people can work effectively for the kingdom of God. At King’s, I learned how I can work for the kingdom of God through my vocation.”

Current student Brent Buterbaugh (PPE ’21) is another TeenPact alumnus. He says, “I recommend The King’s College wholeheartedly to students who, like me, are inspired by the call of the TeenPact mission and community. King’s exists in a big city, but it is a close-knit community of believers with high aspirations to do great things for the Kingdom of Christ. Through the House system and student organizations, King’s provides a wide array of positions in which to serve in student leadership, a natural avenue to build on the skills that you develop in TeenPact.”

To be eligible for the scholarship, students must apply and be admitted to The King’s College and show proof that they have attended a Four Day State Class. This scholarship can be combined with the Presidential Scholarship but not with the full-tuition Founders Scholarship, and it is renewable for up to four years. Students can apply to King’s for free at This scholarship is available to students entering the college for the Spring 2021 semester and thereafter.

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