The King’s College Now Accepts Cryptocurrency Donations

By partnering with Crypto For Charity, The King’s College is now able to accept over 30 different cryptocurrencies as donations to the college.

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As cryptocurrencies become more popular, The King’s College is pleased to offer our friends and supporters a new, safe, and convenient way to donate. By partnering with Crypto For Charity, a nonprofit that helps institutions accept and convert cryptocurrency donations, King’s is now able to accept over 30 different cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Did you know that if you give cryptocurrency directly to King’s, rather than selling your crypto first and then donating the funds, you can save money on two types of taxes? By donating crypto to King’s directly, you will avoid capital gains taxes on crypto gains as well as receive a federal income tax deduction on the full value of your cryptocurrency donation.

Here’s how it works: Your donation will go through Crypto For Charity’s 501(c)(3) tax-exempt partner called “Cocatalyst Impact” (this is where your tax receipt will come from), then your crypto gift will be liquidated and the net proceeds will be sent to King’s to support our mission of preparing principled, Christ-centered young leaders.

Chief Development Officer, Bridget Rogers, is excited about this new way for donors to support The King’s College. “While The King’s College was established in 1938, we’re still raising money for scholarships over 80 years later, just in new and innovative ways.” Nationally, cryptocurrency giving is increasing every year, reaching an all-time high of $69 million in 2021. Rogers adds, “Every undesignated dollar that donors give to King’s goes towards student scholarships, which supports students as they pursue truth, learn to think critically and thoughtfully about difficult issues, and find their calling, professionally and personally.”

Through your generous support, The King’s College is able to award millions in scholarships each year through the Bill and Vonette Bright Scholarship Fund, the general scholarship fund named in honor of the couple who helped reestablish King’s in the heart of New York City through their vision, faith, and belief in the necessity of a biblical education that combines faith, reason, and compassion for a fallen world.

Every gift you donate to the Bright Scholarship Fund will be matched up to $2.5 million through the Joseph Chung Scholarship Fund. If you are interested in donating cryptocurrency to The King’s College, please visit and follow the prompts. If you have any further questions about cryptocurrency donations, please contact Bridget Rogers at or 317-710-0991.

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