King’s High School Summer Academy Whets Intellectual Appetites

The 2017 Summer Academy runs July 23-28 and is now accepting applications on a rolling basis, with deposits due by May 15, 2017.

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This July, The King’s College will host its third High School Summer Academy, one week for inquisitive young people to pursue their love of ideas, guided by King’s faculty. The 2017 Summer Academy runs July 23-28 and is now accepting applications on a rolling basis, with deposits due by May 15, 2017.

Each year’s Academy features several concentrations united by a common theme. The 2017 Academy will highlight The Story of New York City. Students may concentrate in Political Economy, Media and Journalism, or Leadership, earning one academic credit. Outside of lectures delivered by King’s faculty, students will tour culturally significant New York City institutions and spend meals and outings in dialogue with classmates. The 2017 schedule offers details for each lecture topic and site visit.

Eight students participated in the Academy’s inaugural year, themed on Cities of God and Man, and 15 high-school students from 10 states attended last summer’s Birth of the Modern. Based on students already registered this year, 2017 enrollment is expected to more than double.

Students note that they left the Summer Academy both enriched by their conversations with professors and classmates, and hungry for more. Mary Grace Metheny (2015 Academy) said, “Discussing the morning’s lecture with professors, talking about the life of an NYC student while riding on the subway — those were such life-giving conversations. I’m so thankful for the opportunity to be welcomed into conversations with people who possess an incredible wealth of knowledge and experience.” Several student surveys from 2016 expressed a wish that they could stay at the Academy longer.

By integrating each concentration’s lectures with museum and site visits in New York City, the Academy promotes deep, engaged learning. Some of Academy alumni’s favorite experiences include meeting with the staff and producer at the International Business Times and “intimate conversations about The Birth of the Modern on the subway with professors and fellow students.” All students this summer will visit Central Park, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and the 9/11 Memorial, and depending on concentration, additional tours include a New York City newsroom and The New York Federal Reserve or Museum of Finance.

Throughout the week, students receive both academic and spiritual formation from the professors of the college. Faculty members demonstrate to students that one can be faithful to Christian truth while rigorously pursuing the life of the mind. With small class sizes and opportunities for one-on-one interactions with faculty and staff, the Summer Academy invites students into personal transformation and growth in Christ. “Everything about this experience was amazing, not only because of the charm of the city itself, but because of the excellent staff and teachers that devoted their time and energy into making the trip worthwhile,” said one 2016 student. Cosette Rijke (Politics and Government, 2016 Academy) said, “From gaining knowledge about the modern world and its roots with Machiavelli, St. Augustine, and Adam Smith, to walking around the city alongside learned professors and other engaged students, I know that this great experience has taught me to be wise rather than just knowledgeable.”

Since each year’s material is different, the Academy welcomes returning students. Of course, the best way to extend the wonder of one week at The King’s College is to enroll as a student of the college. Alexander McIntosh (Politics and Government, 2016 Academy), said: “The Summer Academy program was the most invigorating and stimulating academic experience I have ever been a part of. After spending a week on campus, interacting with professors, making new friends, and exploring New York City, I knew there was no other college that could match what King’s brings to the table.”

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