King’s Students Can Enroll in a Free Digital Marketing Boot Camp This July

Alex Andreyev, VP of Advisory Services at Cadreon and a King’s alumnus, is teaching a free course on digital marketing to King’s students. The course runs July 6-31, 2020.

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Digital marketing is everywhere, whether it’s an influencer posting on Instagram, a clothing brand emailing you about their latest sale, or Google showing you sponsored search results. This summer, you can learn how to take advantage of this crucial medium to prepare for your future in business, entrepreneurship, or any creative field.

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Course Dates: July 6-31, 2020

Who: Exclusive to incoming and current students at King’s

What You Will Learn: Over the span of four weeks, this free course will cover the end-to-end digital marketing landscape, including advertisers, publishers, data companies, Programmatic, the future of digital marketing, and more. Learn the language, macro level, and key players of the digital marketing industry and become more confident applying for internships in the digital marketing space.

Meet Your Instructor: Alex Andreyev is VP of Advisory Services at Cadreon and a King’s alumnus. Read more about Professor Andreyev.


  • Each week, watch two 30-minute lecture videos, with corresponding study questions.
  • Complete research and reading assignments to deepen your comprehension.
  • On the class discussion board, interact with fellow students and the professor around a weekly discussion prompt.
  • Participate in weekly one-hour live discussions on the Schoology conferencing platform.
  • Receive a Certificate of Completion after submitting answers to all eight sets of study questions and attending all four live discussions.

Registration Deadline: July 5, 2020

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