Online Courses FAQs

How do online classes work?

King’s Online provides students a high-quality interactive learning experience, utilizing many of the same resources as traditional classes (online syllabi, traditional books, quizzes, and exams) while also engaging students with the subject matter and with their professors and classmates through video clips, audio clips, and rigorous discussion forums. Students will access their classes through Schoology, our online Learning Management System (LMS). Once signed in, students will be able to view their syllabi, assignments, and other class resources. Each class is broken down into modules that will be outlined and linked on each class’s page. Video clips, audio clips, forums, etc. will be posted in the appropriate modules to be watched or participated in online. Students are expected to sign into their classes at least two or three times each week, and some professors require students to interact with them and with other students through email, online video chat, and various forms of social media.

Can I work at my own pace?

Online courses are structured in weekly modules which run from Sunday morning through Saturday night. Students may complete each module’s assignments at their chosen pace and whenever they like, as long as they meet each modules deadlines, typically midnight on Saturday. All students within a class have the same deadlines, and all coursework must be completed within the semester. It is important that students stay engaged with the material each week, as many courses require discussion posts and responses throughout each week.

How do online courses compare to residential courses?

The goal is that a student taking a course residentially would have a very similar experience to a student taking that same course online. King’s online professors strive to maintain the same content, interaction and academic rigor of our face to face courses. Online courses simply provide more flexibility for students, without losing the integrity of the academic experience.

What kind of time commitment is needed?

Being a full-time student is a full-time job. With that in mind, students should expect that each weekly module will take approximately eight hours to complete, so that a student with a full-time load would work forty hours/week combined for all classes. For example, most courses require an average of five hours for reading/reading response assignments, one hour to listen to lectures, and an hour for discussion participation and other assignments.

Will I listen to lectures online?

Some classes incorporate full-length audio or video lectures into their classes, and some intersperse shorter audio and video clips throughout their modules. Students listen or watch most media files online. The number of clips incorporated into each semester varies from course to course.

Are the lectures held at a specific time?

No. King’s Online classes are asynchronous, which means you can watch or listen to the lectures at the time that is most convenient to you, within the given week for each module. However, some professors hold office hours or conference calls that students are strongly encouraged to attend throughout the semester. Please note, it is HIGHLY  encouraged that students set aside a specific time each week to complete the course requirements, as if they are attending an on campus class. Online classes allow the flexibility of choosing when that time will be, but it takes discipline and planning ahead to carve out the necessary time every week to complete the course requirements.

Do you offer orientation to King’s Online Students?

Yes, King’s Online students are required to take a short online orientation course through the Schoology platform before classes start. The class familiarizes students with the learning platforms and policies used by King’s Online. It also provides helpful tips on succeeding in the online class format.

How is attendance handled?

At a brick-and-mortar college campus, students must attend their classes. If they aren’t seated when the professor takes roll, they will be marked as absent. In an online class, you don’t have a seat in a lecture hall, but your professors can track when and how much time you spend in each course. Professors and college administrators review attendance logs on a regular basis.

To receive full credit for attending a class, you must attend weekly AND you must complete at least one of the following items as you are directed by your professor:

  • Submit an academic assignment.
  • Submit a quiz or exam.
  • Participate in a posted online discussion or other activity as arranged by the instructor.


In order to maintain enrollment in an online class, a student must regularly attend the class. A student who is absent for fourteen consecutive days will be administratively withdrawn from the class, receiving a grade of administrative withdrawal (“AW”), which is calculated as F in the student’s GPA.