The King's College



What is Interregnum?

One of the most compelling traditions at The King’s College is our annual Interregnum: a year’s worth of theme exploration that culminates each semester in a series of campus-wide competitions. Interregnum unites students, faculty, and staff through participation in various events, including a performing arts competition, parliamentary-style debates, a film festival, and an evening assembly featuring a notable speaker.


In a world of perpetual technological advancement and social change, we risk hurtling forward on an unexamined path with unexamined ends. A study of Progress demands we examine competing conceptions of the Good towards which we aim. Is Progress motivated by the ambition to conquer nature and human nature? Or do we Progress in virtue by surrendering our interests to the demands of sacrificial love? Let us endeavor together to understand what it is that guides where we go.


Abby Smith (Chair, ’20)
Jackson Fordyce (Vice-Chair, ’20)
Micah Long (Competitions Coordinator, Dec ’21)
Holly Shavelle (Academics Coordinator, ’20)
Brittany Schrader (Events and Communications Coordinator, ’20)
Thomas Gatt (Institutional Coordinator, ’20)
Leticia Mosqueda (Staff Advisor)
Dr. David Tubbs (Faculty Advisor)