Interregnum Final Debate


Join the rest of campus to explore a challenging theme in performances, competitions, and debates throughout the year.


What is Interregnum?

One of the most compelling traditions at The King’s College is our annual Interregnum, an all-campus conference that encompasses a year’s worth of theme exploration. Interregnum unites students, faculty, and staff through participation in various events, including a performing arts competition, parliamentary-style debates, and an evening assembly featuring a notable speaker.

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Interregnum XVIII: Readiness

King’s is an institution that strives to be good, brave, and ready. We debate and determine what is good in our philosophy and literature courses. We read about and discuss what is brave by studying the statesmen and leaders we seek to emulate. However, though we spend our time accumulating and analyzing valuable information for our lives outside the classroom, we often find ourselves paralyzed and not ready.

As students, New Yorkers, and Christians, we should be ready, but what should we be ready for? What kind of disposition towards life and preparation do we need to be truly ready? Can we ever be ready for the unexpected? Can our readiness fail us? These are the kinds of ideas we challenge you to examine this year.

interregnum committee


Front (L-R)
Emma Powell (Chair)
Addi Eggar (Competitions Coordinator)
Amelia Underhill (Communications Coordinator)
Abbey New (Academics Coordinator)

Back (L-R)
Sean Kelly (Vice-Chair)
Julia Voss (Events Coordinator)
Rochelle Thomas (Omnium)

Leticia Mosqueda (Staff Advisor)
Dr. David Tubbs (Faculty Advisor)