Interregnum Final Debate


Join the rest of campus to explore a challenging theme in performances, competitions, and debates throughout the year.


What is Interregnum?

One of the most compelling traditions at The King’s College is our annual Interregnum, an all-campus conference that encompasses a year’s worth of theme exploration. Interregnum unites students, faculty, and staff through participation in various events, including a performing arts competition, parliamentary-style debates, and an evening assembly featuring a notable speaker.

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Roman Numeral Logo for Interregnum XVII: Reconciliation

Interregnum XVII: Reconciliation

In the midst of division and conflict, Christians are called to be ministers of Reconciliation. However, without careful examination of this idea and its implementation, we risk pursuing quick-and-easy solutions at the expense of true unity and peace. Can we be honest about our shortcomings and sins without losing hope in restoration? What does repentance look like? How can we pursue forgiveness while also advocating justice? As we wrestle with these difficult questions, let us continue to trust a God who promises the Reconciliation of all things to Himself through the sacrifice of His Son

Students spread out on stairs


Micah Long (Chair, ’21)
Ellen Coy (Vice-Chair, ’22)
Catherine Blanco (Competitions Coordinator, ’22)
Emma Powell (Academics Coordinator, ’22)
Chris Davis (Communications Coordinator, ’22)
Ravyn Carico (Events Coordinator, ’22)
Kaylee Vroon (Omnium, ’23)
Leticia Mosqueda (Staff Advisor)
Dr. David Tubbs (Faculty Advisor)