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Students who major in Journalism, Culture and Society at The King’s College prepare themselves for careers in the news media and related industries by learning to report and write news, feature stories, opinion pieces, cultural criticism and other formats. They also study the history, ethics, legal issues and theory related to journalism. This training coupled with internships and student media experience helps students land their dream job.


Our student media – The Empire State Tribune and the ESTv broadcast – are excellent outlets for students to gain experience (we also have a literary magazine called The Troubadour). As you get involved in these outlets and take classes and do well, you will be prepared to land internships that will help you land that first job in the field. Our students have interned at outlets such as CNBC, Newsweek, The New York Daily News,, Brooklyn Paper, The New York Post and Some have landed full-time jobs at The Wall Street Journal, Fox Business, CNN and The Raleigh News & Observer. The huge advantage you have at The King’s College is location. You are studying journalism in the nation’s biggest and best media market, a city that gives benefits to students who already live here. You are also studying from professors who write and edit for outlets such as,, and Universal Press syndicate.


What sets our JCS program apart from those of many other colleges is ​​our combined focus on the skill sets of journalism (reporting, writing, thinking) and the interdisciplinary knowledge that comes with liberal arts learning.

Every JCS major at King’s takes required classes in reporting, journalism ethics, entrepreneurship and narrative non-fiction (feature writing). They take the normal humanities-oriented core curriculum at King’s with classes in writing, philosophy, theology, politics, and economics. And they also get to choose one of our four tracks of specialized knowledge: business/finance, politics, arts and culture, or religion. We believe this extra subject matter training will help students become better reporters in given areas of media.



The faculty who teach in the JCS major hold a variety of degrees in many academic fields related to media and in the professional skills sides of journalism. Students will learn from seasoned reporters, writers, scholars and journalists who have deep connections in the NYC and national media industries. This helps prepare students for careers in magazines, newspapers, wire services, online news organizations, digital media companies, broadcast outlets, publishing houses as well as some communications and PR jobs.

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Paul Glader

Prof. Paul Glader

Featured Profiles

Chris White (’09)
National Correspondent for Crux

Chris White is the national correspondent for Crux, the most-read English-language Catholic news site in the world. He covers the Vatican, the Catholic church in the United States and the public policy activities of both. In the classroom at King’s he encountered “questions of how to protect life in its most nascent stages, of ethics around the edges of life and all the attending complexities, and maximizing the pursuit of the common good”—the same questions that have propelled his work. He aims in his writing “to help people communicate about contentious issues in a way that sheds light, not heat.”

bria sandford

Bria Sandford (’11)
Editor at Penguin Random House

Since graduating from King’s, Bria has worked at Penguin Random House. In 2017, she was promoted to senior editor at the Portfolio and Sentinel imprints. She works primarily on business and political books by authors such as General Stanley McChrystal, Ian Bremmer, Rod Dreher, Senator Mike Lee and Brian Kilmeade.

Jake Dinsmore (’14)
Associate Producer at Fox News

Originally from Kenmore, Wash., Jake pursued several media internships during his time as a student at The King’s College, including SiriusXM, Fox News Radio, FaithStreet, Q Ideas and Reclaim New York. He was a contributing writer and newsletter editor at The Empire State Tribune while at King’s. Now, he works as an associate producer at Fox News. “King’s taught me to understand and communicate ideas. New York City gave me the opportunity to do both those things at one of the largest television networks in the world. I’m very grateful.”