Humanities Curriculum

B.A. in Humanities

The Humanities major at The King’s College builds upon the required Core Curriculum to prepare students to think carefully about the ideas that have shaped our culture for centuries.

Within the Core Curriculum in Politics, Philosophy, and Economics, students read the literature, sacred texts, laws, and philosophical inquiries that have come to shape our civilization. Within the social context of these developments, students learn the religious, historical, philosophical, political, and economic components that have brought us to where we are today. The Core consists of eighteen courses—nearly half of the courses students need to graduate—spaced throughout all four years of study.

The Humanities major builds upon that foundation with an interdisciplinary, historically-oriented study of the history, philosophy, literature, and arts of Western Civilization. This engagement with the liberal arts enables graduates to challenge the assumptions of our day and think critically about the relationship between our faith and our culture. Humanities graduates will be well-equipped in the reading, writing, and thinking skills necessary for advanced academic study and success in the marketplace. The Humanities major particularly provides excellent preparation for students interested in the rapidly-growing field of classical Christian education.

Humanities Course List

On top of all courses within the Core Curriculum, Humanities majors will take the following courses:

  • Arts and Ideas of the Ancient World
  • Arts and Ideas of the Medieval and Early Modern Worlds
  • Arts and Ideas of the Modern World
  • Ancient Philosophy
  • Medieval Philosophy
  • Modern Philosophy
  • Classical Literature
  • Shakespeare
  • Principles of Biblical Interpretation

Humanities majors will additionally take five electives from a list of history, humanities, Latin, literature, philosophy, and politics courses, including two in history and one each in literature and philosophy. Seniors with a GPA of 3.6 or higher may elect to write a senior thesis for academic credit. Course descriptions, codes, prerequisites, and a full course map are available in the college catalog.