Tips & Advice: Founders Competition

Two of our Founders winners from last year answer your most pressing questions about King's Founders competition and offer valuable advice from their Founders experience.

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This Monday, March 22 is our final Founders Scholarship competition of this season and many of you are putting the finishing touches on your essay and presentation. When I competed for Founders several years ago, I remember proofreading my essay probably for the hundredth time and asking my family to act as my judges while I recited my presentation to them over and over. Competing for a full-tuition scholarship is nerve-wracking!

For those putting in the hard work to compete in Founders, I am SO proud of you! If you need some practical tips and words of encouragement as you prepare to do your best on Monday, this Founders Prep recording from a few weeks ago will be very helpful! Two of our Founders winners from last year, Esther Wickham (JCS ’23) and Quinn Wallace (MCA ’24), answered your most pressing questions about the Founders competition and offered valuable advice from their Founders experience.

My favorite takeaway from this call is the reminder that a participant’s identity is not tied to the results of the Founders competition. No matter the outcome, your identity as a son or daughter of the King of Kings remains secure. Do your best and trust God with the results! He is more than able to provide a way for you to attend King’s if that is His most perfect will—with or without Founders. I witnessed this truth in my own life when I competed yet didn’t win, so I can whole heartedly say, “Amen and amen.” Wishing you all the best as you compete this Monday!

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