Founders Scholarship

Compete to win a full-tuition scholarship!

ANNOUNCEMENT: Since The King’s College is operating remotely through the end of the semester, in-person visits this spring are cancelled. The Founders Scholarship Competition will take place digitally on Thursday, March 26, and we are currently building a remote visit experience.

The King’s College is awarding four scholarships each amounting up to the full cost of tuition to students who embody the combination of leadership and academic skills that the College highly values. The Founders Scholarship is awarded through a competitive process that includes an essay, presentation, and team building components. To be considered for the scholarship, students must submit a 1200-1500 word essay on this year’s prompt, participate in a leadership team building exercise, deliver a four to five minute speech during the on-campus Founders day, and attend an Inviso Visit Weekend.

Whether they won one of the four full-tuition scholarships or not, previous applicants have identified this competition as an ideal setting to learn about the quality of a King’s education and the caliber of their future peers. The competition fosters long-term relationships and encourages students to consider the relationship of culture and education.

2019-2020 Prompt

New York City has launched numerous concepts, careers, and cultural movements. People, policies, ideas, and institutions develop here. Research how the city has served as a launchpad for someone or something in your area of interest. What’s its history? Why does it matter? How does it inspire you as you look to your future at The King’s College – New York City?

Competition Details

The Founders Scholarship Competition takes place on campus at The King’s College at 56 Broadway, New York, NY 10004, on the corner of Broadway and Exchange Place in the Financial District.

The following dates are available for you to participate. These are all Thursdays before an Inviso Visit Weekend.

  • Founders V: March 5
  • Founders VI: March 26

Register for Founders

Participants will meet in the first floor admissions lobby at 2:30 PM. Please wear business casual attire with comfortable walking shoes. Winners will be announced in April.

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Essay Component

Students must submit a 1200-1500 word paper on this year’s prompt. Please double space and use MLA, APA, or Chicago format when citing references. The Works Cited page is excluded from the word count. Please submit your essay as a PDF document. Other formats will not be accepted. As the essay is an academic research paper, citations are required and you should write in a formal style.

All papers must be submitted through our online submission form or by email to by 10pm the Sunday before you arrive on campus.

Read essays from past Founders Competition Winners:

Presentation Component

Students will choose one of the Founders dates to come to the King’s campus and deliver a four- to five-minute speech on the year’s prompt. While the essay is a formal academic research paper, the presentation allows you to summarize the main points of your paper and share information in a more creative way.

A media component or visual aid (prop) must be used during the presentation. You will lose points by going over or under the time limit. You will be prompted with how much time remains during your presentation.

There will be a panel of judges comprised of faculty, staff, and former Founders winners. You will present in front of the other participants who are in attendance. Parents will not be in the room. After your presentation, the judges will ask two questions concerning the material in your presentation. We will be recording the presentations and the winners’ presentations will be posted online.

Please email your accompanying PowerPoint presentation to the Sunday before you are on campus so the file can be loaded by the time we start. Prezi may be used, but you must convert your presentation into PowerPoint. You will be using a King’s computer and you will not need to bring your own.

A compilation of the 2018 Founders Competition Winners: Calvin Blake, Brigitta Naugle, Graham Popadic, and Aisha Seay.

2012 Founders Scholar Jessica Gibson gives her advice to Founders Scholarship competitors: choose a topic that you really believe in.

Team Building Component

During the on-campus visit, students will participate in a leadership exercise. You will be asked to use your critical thinking and teamwork skills in order to solve a problem. There is nothing you need to prepare beforehand. Since there will be walking involved, please wear comfortable shoes.

Eligibility and Terms

Students must be high school seniors or transfer students who have applied for admission and have submitted official SAT or ACT scores. All participants must have either a composite ACT score of 24 or higher or a composite SAT score of 1190 or higher.

The Founders Scholarship is renewable for all four years. Winners must maintain at least a 3.3 cumulative GPA and full-time status, and may not be placed on academic or disciplinary probation while at King’s.