Tuition and Costs of Attendance

Direct Expenses

Direct expenses are paid directly to The King’s College and will appear on your statement. Tuition is billed by semester. The information below reflects the cost of attendance for both the fall and spring semesters combined. For fewer than 12 credits the cost is $1,590 per credit hour.

Costs (2019-2020)




Tuition (12-18 credits) $37,000 $37,000 $37,000
Student Activity Fee $500 $500 $500
Student Health Fee $190 $190 $190
Housing $14,400 $0 $0

Indirect Expenses

Indirect expenses are not paid to King’s, but are part of the overall cost of attending college. These expenses include things like books, food, transportation, and housing if you are living off-campus. (If you’re on-campus, then you make housing payments to King’s so it’s counted as a direct expense.) These amounts are generous estimates and will vary from student to student.

Costs (2019-2020)




Food $2,784 $2,784 $1,950
Books $800 $800 $800
Transportation $2,438 $2,438 $1,143
Miscellaneous $1,850 $1,850 $1,850
Housing $0 $8,354 $0
Online Courses

Matriculated Students

(Eligible for federal aid) $550 per credit

Non-Matriculated Students

(May enroll in a maximum of 4 courses without matriculating, not eligible for financial aid.)  $900 per course

A technology fee of $165 per term will be charged to both full-time and part-time students.

Student Activity Fee


Registered for 3+ credit hours $225 per semester

Summer Students

All Summer Main Campus Students $100


TimelyMD Student Health Fee

The King’s College is pleased to partner with Timely MD to bring telemedicine healthcare services to students. These resources are available 24/7 through mobile, tablet, and laptop devices by means of a phone call, video chat, or online questionnaire. Each semester, the cost for Timely MD services will be $95.

Enrollment and Housing Deposits

New students are required to submit a $300 enrollment
deposit (refundable through May 1st for fall enrollment, November 15th for spring enrollment) to secure their spot in the incoming class. The deposit will be credited toward first semester charges.

Students living in apartments provided by the College will be charged $7,200 per semester. Students must submit a $200 housing deposit, which will be credited toward first semester housing charges. See the Student Handbook for additional housing fees and fines that may apply.

Other Fees
Add/Drop $70 per transaction
ID Card Replacement – 1st Time $45
ID Card Replacement – Additional Times $75
Late Payment $35 plus 1.5% of outstanding balance
Late Registration $200
Returned Check $100
Refund Check Replacement $100
Graduation $275
Official Transcript $15
Course Material Fees $15 to $200
Senior Thesis/Directed Study Exception Fee $1,100 (see below)
Housing Deposit $200
Diploma Replacement $100
Other Fines See Student Handbook

Senior Thesis and Directed Study Exception Fees
Students wishing to take directed study classes that are not a required part of their program will be charged an $1,100 exception fee. Students who elect to take courses as directed studies that are otherwise offered as regular courses will also be charged this fee, unless the College waives the fee for extenuating circumstances. Students wishing to complete a Senior Thesis who did not qualify to take one based on the GPA threshold will be charged an $1,100 Senior Thesis exception fee. Please confirm with the registrar’s office your eligibility to take directed study or senior thesis courses to determine if you will be charged the exception fee.

Audit Fee

Students may audit courses with the permission of the Registrar and the professor on a space available basis. Auditors receive no credit for the course and must pay the appropriate fee. Although professors are not required to grade assignments submitted by auditors, they may, at their discretion, require regular attendance and completion of assignments. Matriculated students desiring to audit a course must be in academic good standing.

Matriculated Students taking 12 or more credits No Fee
Matriculated Students taking 11 credits or less $135 per course
The King’s College Alumni $350 per course
Non-Matriculated Students $600 per course


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