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Continue Your Education at King's

As a transfer student, you make up an important part of the community at The King’s College, the only Christian liberal arts college in New York City. You bring diverse insights and experiences that enrich our clubs, teams, events and the student body at large. We understand that you have a unique set of questions and concerns, like transfer credits, scholarships, and community involvement. Whether you’re transferring from a community college, another four-year institution, a gap year program, or time in the military, we want you to feel prepared to make a seamless transition to our campus. 

Admissions Checklist


Apply for admission.

Make sure to list yourself as a Transfer Student!

Apply Now


Submit all college and high school transcripts.

The King’s College accepts faxed copies of transcripts. High schools may fax the original transcripts to 877-349-0231.


Submit ACT and/or SAT scores.

SAT and ACT scores are not required for students with 30 or more college credits.

High schools may include these on the transcript. If not, please complete an online request for ACT scores (use school code 2784) or SAT scores (use school code 2871).


Schedule your entrance interview with your admissions counselor.

Transfer students should email Katelyn Tamm at or schedule an entrance interview time through Calendly.


Submit a writing sample.

This can be a paper you’ve written for class, or we suggest submitting our Leadership Scholarship Essay (which can qualify you for a $500 to $2000 yearly scholarship).

The Admissions Team reviews applications upon receipt of all materials and responds within two to four weeks.

Alumni Focus: Stephen Peterson

Stephen Peterson transferred to King’s from a business program at his state university. At King’s, he learned to strategically solve complex problems and developed a Christian framework to use business to serve the customer. After graduating, he returned to the Midwest and is now a district sales lead for an agrichemical company.

Student Testimonials

Iain Coston
Politics, Philosophy, and Economics ’19

“At King’s, you will learn how to think, read, write and communicate better than you ever have. With expansion of the mind comes natural difficulty, but you will feel refreshed and stronger by the end of each semester. The House system enabled me to not just make friends but create a natural support system. Even in a small school, you can’t know everyone, and the House System creates comradeship unlike any other college. My fellow brothers in my House pick me up when I feel down, and allow me to be a leader when I am called upon to do so. If you are willing to trust the process, you will find yourself among people who have your back for your college career and beyond.”

Ian Wilson

Ian Wilson
Politics, Philosophy, and Economics ’19

“College is a time to answer and explore the biggest questions, and New York puts into play so many questions about morals and ethics. I want to encounter those questions and form an opinion of them with the advice of those wiser and older than me. The Christian professors at King’s provide a perfect opportunity to encounter the real questions of our time and reason through them with wisdom. Also, the talent that resides in New York City is incredible. For $20, you could see a professional sports team or an up-and-coming artist from Norway, or go to several world-class coffee shops. Every time I step out of the subway there is something new to explore.”

Olivia Stevers
Media, Culture and the Arts ’19

“I was treated with the utmost respect, kindness, and grace from the Admissions team, Student Services, and professors who helped me during the transferring process. After attending King’s for a year I can confirm that everyone at this institution truly has in mind the best interest of each and every student. I have never felt more comfortable in a school setting than I do at The King’s College, and the close community this school offers in the middle of the most exciting city around is truly one of a kind.”


As a transfer student, you are eligible for all the scholarships available to first-time freshmen (unless otherwise indicated). We do not increase the cost of tuition or penalize you in the form of a “transfer fee.”

King’s has both merit-based and need-based scholarships available to you. Merit-based aid is determined by academic achievement. Depending on the number of credits you’ve taken, it could be determined by your college grades, your high school grades, your SAT/ACT scores, or a combination of all three. Need-based aid is dependent on your FAFSA information, which can be sent to us using our School Code: 040953. For more information about the FAFSA, visit

If you are an active member of the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society, you may qualify for the King’s $18,000 per year PTK Presidential Scholarship.


If you’re a transfer student under the age of 27 you can apply to live in our on-campus housing. If you’re above the age of 27, or wish to live off-campus, we have resources to connect you with off-campus apartments. Married housing may be available based on apartment openings. Please reach out to your Admissions Counselor for more information, or if you have any questions about housing at King’s you can email

TKC Students walking down a hallway past house banners

The House System

The House System is an excellent way to get connected with students on campus, no matter your grade level. You’ll automatically be placed in one of ten Houses whether you live on or off campus. Your housing application gives our Student Life team the information they need to place you in a House. If you’re planning to live off campus, you can fill out this online questionnaire through our Housing Software, Symplicity. The House System is additionally helpful for you to get to know fellow upperclassmen and transfer students and to get plugged into a community. Visit our House System page for more information.

A King's Debate Society group photo

Student Organizations

You can quickly get involved in life at King’s through student organizations. Students gather around a shared interest in dance, rugby, filmmaking, debate, mock trial, photography, worship music, journalism, and more. If you have a particular passion that you’d like to see represented, you can work with student leaders to start an official student organization.

Students praying during the National Day of Prayer

Spiritual Formation

Your spiritual formation is important at King’s, and we provide a variety of opportunities for you to develop and deepen your faith, ask big questions, and serve others. From holding school-wide retreats and weekly Bible studies to introducing you to the many thriving churches around the City, King’s students, faculty, and staff work together to help you mature as a Christian.

How to Transfer
How to Transfer
Credits, gap year, deadlines, and more