Info for parents

Encourage Your Student

We know that living in New York City and pursuing a King’s education is not for the faint of heart. Parents often ask, “What can I do to support my son or daughter?”

Personal Life

Here are a few ideas to encourage your student:

  • Write encouraging letters or emails.
  • Send food, gifts, or small tokens of your support.
  • Ask if they have money for food, MetroCards, and other necessities.

A powerful way to help your student is to encourage him or her to plug into the King’s community for emotional and spiritual support. Students can connect with House advisors, Student Life staff, counseling services, professors, and House leadership.

If you want to do something practical for other families, consider donating to the student benevolence fund to care for students experiencing unexpected financial hardship.


The Office of Student Success offers free tutoring and coaching sessions. Student Success also publishes King’s 101, a blog full of practical advice from professors and fellow students.

You can remind your son or daughter that smart students ask for help. They can always reach out to their professors, faculty assistants, and House scholars for academic support.

Career Development

If your student is looking for an internship, you might suggest that he or she works with the Office of Career Development to research openings and update resumes.