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Study Abroad

Two Female TKC Students in Israel with scenery behind them

Want to see exciting new places and learn about different cultures with your fellow classmates and professors? The King’s College offers several international study abroad opportunities for students.

Study Abroad opportunities are strategic overseas trips overseen by King’s faculty that focus on engaging ideas, learning about institutions, and connecting with people of influence. These programs most often involve earning academic credit or meeting an academic requirement in a King’s major or minor. Through Study Abroad you will have the opportunity to see how some of the principles you are studying in the classroom—such as free-market capitalism, religious liberty, the dignity of human life, and freedom of the press—are shaping the world today, and to augment your learning in other cultural contexts.

Study Abroad Oxford

The BestSemester Oxford Summer Programme and Scholars’ Semester in Oxford provide students the opportunity to spend a term studying at Oxford, enveloped in the mood, rhythm and history of the Oxford campus, under the sponsorship of SCIO (Scholarship & Christianity in Oxford) and the Christian Council of Colleges and Universities.

Israel: Galilea Semester

The King’s College is proud to partner with the Galilea Fellowship and the Center for Hebraic Thought to offer students a three month (one semester) immersive semester in Israel. The Galilea Fellowship brings English-speaking, Christian young adults to Israel as teaching fellows for an organized program of community service, study, and touring.

Study Abroad Israel
Israel: Passages Trip

Through generous funding from the Museum of the Bible and Passages Israel, students at The King’s College have the opportunity to spend ten days in Israel accompanied by King’s faculty. Students will see both the ancient biblical sites and modern cosmopolitan centers of Israel and will gain firsthand familiarity with the geography behind the biblical story of Israel.

Europa: Russia

For the summer of 2020, King’s students will have the opportunity to study in Russia. The summer program will begin with a week of classes in New York City and then two and a half weeks studying in Moscow and Saint Petersburg, respectively.

The city of Belfast, Ireland

The King’s College is excited to offer a unique, two-week study abroad opportunity with Dr. Anthony Bradley through Stranmillis College of Queens University Belfast. Students will take a course in Peace and Reconciliation, exploring the culture, politics, and religious history of Northern Ireland. Students will learn from Stranmillis faculty and a number of guest speakers, including local historians and politicians; church, police, and community leaders; and journalists, artists, and musicians.


The King’s College partners with Healing Haiti to provide a unique trip that combines serving at Christian ministries and learning about the importance of business in re-building the poorest economy in the northern hemisphere. This trip gives students an opportunity to have a life-changing Spring Break.

CCCU Best Semester Program

International semester-long study opportunities are available for academic credit through the Council of Christian Colleges and Universities (CCCU) Best Semester in Australia, Latin America, Middle East, and Uganda. The King’s College is an Affiliate Member of the CCCU.

Visit Best Semester first to explore the options, deadlines, and requirements for each, then make an appointment with Danise Stokeld, Director of Academic Advising, in order to discuss your academic plans and degree audit. This appointment is required in order to receive permission from The King’s College to apply to any CCCU Best Semester program. 

King’s credit for academic work done in non-King’s study programs will not be granted if advance permission is not obtained. Institutional aid does not apply to semester off-campus programs, but students interested in participating in a program from Best Semester can apply for federal and state aid towards the cost of their trip. For more details on aid, please contact Anna Peters


Academic Credit Transfer Policy

Before applying to a program that has an optional or required academic credit, contact Danise Stokeld, Director of Academic Advising, to see if your participation in the program can serve as a substitute for any classes at The King’s College. Approval for transfer of credit must be finalized before any trip or study-abroad opportunity.

Financial Aid Policy

Students may be eligible to receive federal financial aid for study abroad semesters, provided the program has been approved for credit by the Office of the Registrar. Students considering study abroad are encouraged to consult with the Office of Financial Aid early in the process in order to determine available options. Study abroad programs hosted by The King’s College require students to meet deposit deadlines by the due date indicated in program materials. A student utilizing federal aid or a private education loan are not exempt from these deadlines. For more information please contact Anna Peters.

Next Steps

After determining which Study Abroad opportunity you are interested in, it is a good idea to talk to a student who has participated in that opportunity in the past. When you’re ready to move forward, follow the application procedures outlined for each particular trip above. Please note that there is a $500 administrative fee applied to semester-long study abroad programs. Remember, if you are interested in receiving academic credit for a trip, you must contact Danise Stokeld, Director of Academic Advising, to see if you are eligible for academic credit.