Four Students Win Full-Tuition Scholarships to The King’s College

The King's College is pleased to congratulate the winners of the Founders Scholarship and the Cano Blanco Scholarship.

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The King’s College is pleased to introduce and congratulate Jeremias Contreras, Avian Hall, and Trey Shell as winners of the 2021-22 Founders Scholarship competition and Danelle Gonzalez as the winner of the Cano Blanco Scholarship. Each year, prospective students of The King’s College are invited to compete for a full-tuition scholarship, or, in the case of the Cano Blanco Scholarship, a full tuition and housing scholarship. Each contestant prepares a 1200-1500 word essay in response to a prompt that engages with the mission of The King’s College and then gives a 4-5 minute presentation based on his or her essay.

This year’s prompt asked students to research how New York City has served as a launchpad for different concepts, careers, and cultural movements, and then share how one of these has impacted our society. Students were also tasked with explaining how these events or ideas inspired them as they look to their future at King’s.

Jeremias Contreras, of Brooklyn, N.Y., responded to the prompt by writing about Jeremiah Lanphier and the prayer revival that he started in New York City in 1857. Lanphier, as a lay missionary, started a lunchtime prayer meeting, which quickly grew into a citywide and then nationwide revival, impacting hundreds of thousands of lives with the gospel. Jeremias hopes that he can follow in the example of Lanphier’s simple faithfulness and use his life and gifts to engage the culture and let God work through him in New York City. Jeremias plans on majoring in business and wants to combine his Christian faith with an interest in technology, especially coding, to help be a part of what God is doing in New York City. He also enjoys working on cameras, drumming at his church, and playing tennis.

Avian Hall, who grew up in Nashville but moved to Brooklyn in 2019, responded to the prompt by writing about Willis Carrier, the man who invented modern air conditioning and, in doing so, revolutionized society. Carrier was hired by a printing press in Brooklyn to solve the problem of their work being destroyed by high heat and humidity. He solved the problem by combining several different technologies to create modern air conditioning, which first transformed factories and later office buildings and homes. Avian wants to study business and use his life to follow Carrier’s example in recognizing and solving important problems that serve the real needs of society. Avian enjoys participating in speech and debate and taking his favorite New York City mode of transportation, the ferry.

Trey Shell, of Colorado Springs, Colo., responded to the prompt by writing about John Jay and his contributions to the founding ideals of the United States, specifically to the U.S. Constitution. Jay lived out his convictions through his authoring of five Federalist Papers, arguing in support of a federal government and the ratification of the Constitution. Trey sees The King’s College as playing an important role in the continuation and support of our nation’s founding ideals and wants to use his time at King’s to impact our culture for Jesus Christ. He enjoys raising livestock for 4-H, going on camping trips, and helping to lead Airsoft Bible Camp, a youth-led ministry that he started with friends five years ago.

Danelle Gonzalez, of Bulverde, Texas, wrote about New York City as a crossroads of human civilization, making it a place where creativity can thrive. She explored how the culture in New York City help creatives like Brandon Stanton, who started “Humans of New York,” use his talents to tell stories for the good of others. Danelle hopes that by studying journalism, she can use “storytelling as a tool to promote truth, beauty, and goodness with the means of planting kingdom values.” Danelle enjoys watching films,  riding horses, and playing volleyball. Danelle won the Cano Blanco Scholarship, which is a full tuition and housing scholarship for one student of Hispanic heritage.

“These scholarship competitions attract a wide variety of high-quality students from all over the world,” said Associate Vice President of Enrollment Whitney Clark. “We congratulate Jeremias, Avian, Trey, and Danelle on winning full-tuition scholarships to The King’s College  and are excited to welcome them into the King’s community.”

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