Life Advice for Graduating Seniors

What can students expect in post-TKC life? Alumni reflect and give advice to graduating seniors.

2019 TKC graduating seniors
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Seniors at The King’s College: you’re about to graduate! The leap from college to post-grad can seem so daunting. Here’s what a few members of the TKC Alumni Executive Committee have to say about beginning life as a King’s graduate. Find additional resources for alumni here, and review Commencement information here.

Chris Ross (’10)

Chris RossChris says: “Stay in touch with your friends, no matter where you end up. Find and get plugged into a solid church. Never stop reading or learning, and build on the foundation King’s gave you. Be generous with your time, talents, and treasure for the college/students/alum. Don’t be afraid of the unexpected–the most random door can provide the most fulfilling opportunities.”

Matthew Kaal (’09)

Matthew KaalMatt says, “Read books and consume art you find meaningful; treat yourself and others with kindness, generosity, and forgiveness; when applying for jobs, make sure you write a cover letter specific to the position and organization you are applying to; start now setting incremental annual goals that build toward life-long hopes and dreams; lastly, get into a routine of calling every member of your chosen family regularly, and expressing your love for them.”

Emily (Miller) Schatz (’11)

Emily SchatzEmily says, “Dig into your faith and seek to understand it; let it be your primary guide and anchor in all the ways of your life. Know that the truth and promises of God are great enough for any crisis you can throw at them. Surround yourself with people who are wise. Seek purpose and integrity in all your work, and be proactive about your need for rest (true self care is building a life you don’t need to escape from). And don’t be afraid–of risk, of commitment, of marriage, of children, of starting something, or of the future. And keep your heart alive through the gifts that art and church and literature and civilization give us.”

Holly (Hall) Tate (’10)

Holly TateHolly says, “1. Don’t be afraid to leave NYC – be open to opportunities God has for you in other parts of the country. Success does not necessarily mean being in NY.
2. Network! Go to events, build relationships, challenge yourself to serve and support the people around you.
3. Build your LinkedIn and become a thought leader in your industry. Don’t underestimate the power of platform, regardless of your age or pedigree.
4. Get a mentor. Ask questions, know what you don’t know, seek wisdom from those that have gone before you. Be humble and grow.”

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