The House System

The House System

ten houses. one community.
limitless involvement at king's and in new york city.
Houses are the heart of student life at The King's College.

House involvement shapes virtually every aspect of student experience at The King's College. The Houses are led by students and driven by a mission to  support, encourage, and develop. Students build close friendships, join together to explore New York City, grow spiritually and intellectually — and have plenty of fun.



Each new student at the King's College becomes a member of one of ten houses, each named for a notable leader who embodies the ideals of The King's College.

house roles

Each House has an Executive Team to welcome, acclimate and encourage others. Caring teamwork and genuine friendship support personal honor and academic success.

1/ president

The President directs the Executive Team and works closely with House Advisors which include faculty and staff members. Along with the Executive Team, the President shapes the House into a dynamic experience for all members. The President is also a member of the King's Council, a governing body made up of the Student Body President and cabinet and all other House presidents.

2/ helmsman

The Helmsman guides new House members through the first year at The King's College. The role helps all new members understand the mission of the House and helps to form connections with upperclassmen. Helmsmen are also responsible for making sure that first-year students are connected to the spiritual growth opportunities in the House.

3/ chamberlain

The Chamberlain helps to create and uphold the community of honor in the Houses. By working toward an atmosphere of unity and respect, the Chamberlain ensures each House characterizes King's Honor Code in thought and action.

4/ scholar

The Scholar fosters a culture of academic excellence, intellectual curiosity and scholarly accountability. Each Scholar seeks to create an environment which encourages learning and academic achievement in the House.

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house competitions

Competition challenges students to commit to excellence and teamwork, while maintaining integrity and unity across the college.

the great race

Monday, August 25, 2014

Each House will race to find checkpoints throughout the City and successfully complete the roadblocks given at each location. The House with the fastest time (including time penalties and credits) wins the race!

drama competition

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Each year, Houses must script and perform an outstanding drama based upon the year's theme. Themes in past years have included "Difficulty," "Duty," and "Mercy." One of the most memorable competitions of the year, Houses give their all in an effort to get an early lead in the rankings. Watch the 2013 performances here on YouTube.

basketball tournament

Friday, October 24, 2014

The objective of this event is for each House to win the most number of games and thus win the tournament. The tournament will be run in a pool play format, with full-length men’s and women’s championship games played as a finale to the tournament.

house gpa

Fall Semester

The objective of this event is to achieve superior academic excellence as a House. To accomplish this, the House must work together and challenge one another to work diligently and to excel academically.


Saturday, February 14, 2015

Alternating years, the Namesake competition and House History competitions require students to become familiar with their House's namesake, or research their history, specifically addressing the significant people, events, and moments in the development of their House.


April 8-10, 2015

Interregnum is the three-day, all-campus conference that culminates a year’s worth of theme exploration. Interregnum galvanizes students, faculty, and staff towards participating in various events such as student speech competitions, parliamentary style debates, and an evening assembly featuring a notable speaker.

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other house activities

King's Houses stay active. At least one is always hosting community events for the college and in New York City, working on King's Council initiatives or throwing a mixer for friends to meet and greet.

lifetime memberships

"It was a joy while at King's to live life together and 'encourage each other daily,' and it has been a blessing to continue to watch God's plan unfold together in our friendships beyond college." —Kara B. '13, House of Queen Elizabeth I

The Houses are the defining dimensions of student life. For upperclassmen and incoming students alike, they are the perpetual centerpieces of life at The King's College.

Since their founding in 2004, the Houses have positively affected the lives of hundreds of King's students every year and have touched the lives of many beyond the walls of the institution.

More than any other initiative, the House System fundamentally shapes The King's College experience.