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The King’s College educates students to understand the core principles of Politics, Philosophy, and Economics. We are disciples of the timeless truths of the Bible which contribute to our wisdom as we seek to lead strategic institutions in order to improve society. We accept bright, dedicated students — and, now, we expand our offerings to those who make the grade in every sense, but aren’t ready or able to move to New York City. King’s Online allows students to complete some or all of the coursework required for a King’s bachelor’s degree without residence in NYC.

Online Options

Experience the same challenging courses as our students in New York City. Classes employ the ultimate in technology to foster intense intellectual engagement and genuine interaction with professors and peers.


A King’s student is a King’s student – whether online or on campus. King’s Online requires the same dedication as our courses in New York City, but students have more freedom to customize when learning happens. It’s a year to manage work, family, finances, and community without missing out on an excellent start at King’s. Online courses cost $465 per credit. Please note that there is also a technology fee of $150 per semester.

  • Start a superior education at King’s
  • Save money before relocating to NYC
  • Balance work and family with school
  • Stay on top of current responsibilities
2+2 Option

With King's 2+2 Option, full-time students take approximately two years of courses online and then transfer to complete the remaining degree requirements at King’s campus in NYC. Students can do the first two years of any King’s degree online. This option also allows part-time students flexibility to customize their own timeline. Students benefit by saving on housing and living expenses in the first two years and can access King’s internship and job opportunities during their final two years of College in New York. Online courses cost $465 per credit. Please note that there is also a technology fee of $150 per semester.

  • Earn the same degree as NYC students
  • Save on housing expenses in your first two years
  • Build your New York City network as you approach graduation
  • Benefit from job and internship opportunities in NYC
Full Degree

King’s now offers its Bachelors Degree in Business Administration online.  Students can complete all the coursework online and experience the integration of faith and work in King’s unique business curriculum. Full-time students can earn a degree in 4 years, while part-time students have the flexibility to customize their own timeline. As a part of the program requirements, students participate in at least one approved academic experience in New York City, which can include a summer program or a 1-2 week intensive. Online courses cost $465 per credit. Please note that there is also a technology fee of $150 per semester.

  • Customize a timeline to complete your studies
  • Control your own study time and schedule
  • Study full or part time to complete your degree
  • Earn your Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration 
Dual Enrollment

High School students wanting a jump-start on college can take up to 4 courses at a discounted rate while satisfying high school graduation requirements. Experience The King’s College’s challenging curriculum in faith and ideas at an affordable price. Whether you intend to enroll at King’s or transfer these classes to another college after high school, King’s can help you achieve your educational goals. Online Dual Enrollment price per course is $800. Students from partner high schools may be eligible for a discount on dual enrolled courses. Dual Enrolled Students may take up to four King’s Online courses.

  • Earn credit for high school and college at the same time
  • Get a jump start on college
  • Earn transferable credits for transfer to King’s
  • Receive significant discounts on tuition
Non-Degree Seeking

Students attending other institutions of higher education and those curious learners who are not yet ready to matriculate can enroll with The King's College Online as a non-degree seeking student. Our programs are regionally accredited through the Middle States Commission on Higher Education and our credits are transferable to other colleges and universities. It's never been easier to get a taste of our academic rigor and our distinctive core focused on politics, philosophy, and economics. Online Non Degree Seeking price per course is $800. Students may take up to 4 Non-Degree Seeking King’s Online courses.

  • Earn credits from The King’s College
  • Five enrollment dates per year
  • Study the Great Ideas
  • Transfer credits, where allowed
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King’s Business major teaches students classical business skills and concepts, while training each student to think critically and analytically. Graduates become leaders at institutions worldwide. While building your business career and studying key economic principles, online classes also teach students to rely on and to develop individual discipline. Undergirding every business course is a commitment to biblical truth and taking faith with you into the marketplace. Pursuing your King’s business degree online is perfect for busy small business owners, entrepreneurs, and those who have already launched their careers.

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the online experience

  • The King’s Online program is built to allow students to complete degree coursework from anywhere in the world or to seamlessly transfer to our main campus in New York. Students who transfer say the Big City and King’s rigor is a lot more manageable having already taken a few classes online. The King’s College demands the best from students -- online and on campus. Knowing what to expect and getting used to intense academic challenges while online lets students take advantage of what the City offers upon arrival.
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Important Start Dates:

January 20, 2015 (courses run from January 20–March 13) 

March 23, 2015 (courses run from March 23– May 15)

June 1, 2015 (courses run from June 1–July 24) 

August 25, 2015 (courses run from August 25–October 16)

October 19, 2015 (courses run from October 19–November 12)

January 19, 2016 (courses run from January 19–March 12)

March 22, 2016 (courses run from March 22–May 13)


Technology Requirements:

Apple or PC computer (2.4 GHz Dual-core Processor, or 2.0 GHz Quad-core Processor)

Minimum 4 GB RAM

Latest Version of Windows or OSX

Microsoft Office Suite (available at a discounted price through TKC)

High Speed Internet Connection (minimum 10/5 Mbps)

External Hard Drive or Cloud Storage Service to back up files (TKC offers access to Google Drive) 

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